In 1999 the owners of Lapa Rios hired us to be responsible for the full strategic and operational management of this 1,000 acre conservation resort. Insights were drawn from focus groups of affluent travelers, who helped us understand that “normal luxury resort experiences are often homogenous” and that they were seeking more authentic and enriching vacation experiences.

As a result, we developed our trademark guest experience based on “hospitality with sense and sensibility.” The concept provided customers with the unique opportunity to experience high quality hospitality, immerse into the wonders of an exotic locale—its nature, the local community, and participate in meaningful conservation. We also implemented the professional hospitality management systems, crafted the marketing strategy, and raised the operational and financial performances within the first year of the four-year management contract.

In this engagement we were responsible for

  • Operations Management
  • Sustainability Certification
  • Finance & Administration
  • Marketing & Public Relations